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When I and η = 0 and m ^ 0, then (VI) represents a simple word. In ordinary English m, varies from one (as in a phonemic spelling of (oh), (awe), (err), viz. /o/, /o/, /f/) upward, as in the ordinary spelling of (abracadabra), (Massachusetts), (salamander), etc. When m and η = 0 and l ψέ 0 (VI) represents a prefix, and when I and m = 0 and η ^έ 0 it represents a suffix. At this stage l, m and η will not be permitted positive values simultaneously. Also, for reasons which will appear subsequently, I N F I X E S cannot be represented in (VI)— that is, (men) contains an infix and is not a simple word.

Distinctions of this kind are of value in describing particular dialects, but they do not affect the gross meaning of English words. I f I sometimes pronounce [p] with aspiration (this is written [p h ]) and sometimes without release (written [ ρ - ] ) , I am producing what in Chapter 3 we shall call idiolectal and word-environmental allophones of the phoneme /p/—written thus between oblique strokes. 2. Six [τ α ] Stops "«/"' Name [1 [r ] as in law ] as in raw [ w ] as in watt [AI] as in what when distinct from watt la ra double u voiceless or unaspirated double u [ y ] as in y&w wye [ ?

F ¿ F t ( F ¿ F i a ) ) ) . . )3} We write bases or zero forms {a}, first-stage forms {F^a), second-stage forms {F^Fya)}, and so forth. I t is unusual in at least the European languages to find a progression in which η is greater than four or five. A progression from an English zero form {stable} to a sixth-stage form {antidisestablishmentarianism} is of course possible but unusual. Artificially well-ordered forms may, however, be of some practical use taxonomically. Thus, instead of calling a well-known small tree a

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