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By Rob Lovering

Why does American legislations permit the leisure use of a few medications, equivalent to alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine, yet no longer others, corresponding to marijuana, cocaine, and heroin? the reply lies now not easily within the damage using those medications may reason, yet within the perceived morality--or lack thereof--of their leisure use. regardless of powerful rhetoric from ethical critics of leisure drug use, although, it truly is strangely tough to parent the explanations they've got for deeming the leisure use of (some) medications morally flawed. during this booklet, Rob Lovering lays out and dissects numerous arguments for the immorality of utilizing marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and different medicinal drugs recreationally. He contends that, most likely, those arguments don't prevail. Lovering's e-book represents one of many first works to systematically current, study, and critique arguments for the ethical wrongness of leisure drug use. Given this, in addition to the recognition of the morality-based safeguard of the USA' drug legislation, this booklet is a vital and well timed contribution to the talk at the leisure use of drugs.

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Previously, I claimed that moral critics of recreational drug use rarely offer reasons for thinking that recreational drug use is wrong. ” But if arguments for the wrongness of recreational drug use are “almost never produced,” and the wrongness of recreational drug use is typically put forward as a kind of “brute moral fact,” from where do all the arguments to be evaluated in the following chapters come? They come from various sources. To begin with, some of the arguments have been presented by moral critics of recreational drug use themselves.

11 Other factors contribute to the limited information regarding the harm involved in recreational drug use, of course. Suffice it to say that harm-based arguments are frequently based on such information. As for distorted information, there are numerous sources of it, some of which are relatively innocent, others of which are not so innocent. 12 Hence Husak’s claim (cited earlier) that drug prohibitionists have felt the need to exaggerate the dangers of using certain drugs recreationally in order to justify its illegality.

3) Therefore, X is wrong. What differentiates one non-harm-based argument from another, then, is not only the activity but also the wrong-making property the activity is said to possess. With this in mind, consider an argument addressed in Chapter 5: (1) Recreational drug use is unnatural. (2) If recreational drug use is unnatural, then recreational drug use is wrong. (3) Therefore, recreational drug use is wrong. In this argument, the activity is recreational drug use and the wrongmaking property is that of being unnatural.

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