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In other words, relatively weak van der Waal's bonds break and chain-molecules slide past each other. Increasing temperature accelerates this effect. Viscoelastic behavior includes the regression of the deformation when the load is removed. This might take a long time and hardly reaches the initial dimensions. The materials miss resilience under static test conditions. Some polymers, however, show very good resilience under fast deformation conditions, for example rubber. Bone can demonstrate viscoelastic properties when loaded to its upperlimit (Frost 1973).

74a,b. 7Sa. A 35° inclination of the cup, perpendicular to the resultant force which is directed to the sacroiliacal joint. b,(. The HDPE cups have to be directed towards the sacroiliac joint to transmit forces perpendicularly from the implant -cement interface The transmission of load is clearly indicated by the dense bone structure directed from the acetabular roof towards the sacroiliac joint (Fig. 75a). The anchoring structures of a cemented acetabular cup should be inclined such that surfaces which are transmitting load will be perpendicular to these bone structures (Fig.

Deflection of cancellous bone at the bone-to-implant interface under load: contact supports and gaps express a complicated deformation pattern Hook's law determines the relation between stress and strain. As long as solid bodies react proportionally to each other, they belong to the category of Hookean materials. If the strain increases more than the stress, the materials do not follow Hook's law any longer. In a certain range of stress and strain, bone can be categorized as Hookean material. Thus E = ka with E representing the strain, k representing the proportionality factor and a representing the stress form the equation E = ka.

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