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By Vincent Cossart (auth.), Antonio Campillo López, Luis Narváez Macarro (eds.)

The concentration of this quantity lies on singularity concept in algebraic geometry. It contains papers documenting contemporary and unique advancements and strategies in topics reminiscent of answer of singularities, D-module idea, singularities of maps and geometry of curves. The papers originate from the 3rd overseas convention on Algebraic Geometry held in l. a. Rábida, Spain, in December 1991. when you consider that then, the articles have passed through a meticulous strategy of refereeing and development, and so they were equipped right into a finished account of the state-of-the-art during this field.

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Un homomorphisme du groupe multiplicatif K \ {O} dans Z, tel que vi(k) = 0 et Vi(Zl + Z2) ~ min(vi(zl), Vi(Z2))' Comme vieR) ~ 0 et Vi (Max R) > 0, on dit. que Vi domine (ou est centree dans) R. La theorie des valuations est developpee au chapitre VI de [23]. ionnellement (k2, 0) et un diviseur irroouctible E de Z tel que Vi(Z) soit l'ordre, VE(Z), du zero ou du pole de Z E K, Ie long de E. Ii resulte immediatement de 4-8 qu'on a Remarque 4-10. Soit Ei 1e diviseur exceptionnel cree par l'eciatement du point Oi de V dans 1e i-erne voisinage infinitesimal de 0, i ~ 1.

J. -1ath. [9] Lejeune-Jalabert M. Arcs analytiques et resolution minimale des singularites des surfaces quasi-homogenes. Springer Lecture Notes in Math. 777 1980 pp303-336. [10] Lejeune-Jalabert M. Courbes tracees sur un germe d'hypersurface. Amer. J. Math. 112 1990 pp525-568. [11] Lejeune-Jalabert M. et Teissier B. Cloture integrale des ideaux et equisingularite. Seminaire Ecole Polytechnique (1974) PubL Inst. Fourier. T. T. et. Teissier B. Sur la geometrie des surfaces complexes, I. Tangentes exceptionnelles.

Math. Ann 1875, 166-182 G. Gonzalez-Sprinberg and 1\L Lejeune-Jalabert 32 [19] Spivakovsky I\·L Valuations in function fields of surfaces. Amer. J. Math. 112 1990107-156 [20] Teissier B. Varietes polaires, I Inv. Math. lumford D. et Saint Donat B. , 339, Springer 1973 [22] ~ariski O. Polynomial ideals defined by infinitely near base points. Amer. J. Math. , Samuel P. Commutative algebra, II Appendice 5, Van Nostrand 1960 Addresses of authors: Institut Fourier, Univ. fr , BLOWING UP ACYCLIC GRAPHS AND GEOl\,fETRICAL CONFIGURATIONS Carlos rVlarijwin l 1 Introduction Blowing up is a useful technique in algebraic and analytic geometry, In particular, it is the main tool for proving resolution of singularities.

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