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By Timothy Kusky

Asteroids and comets are area gadgets that orbit the solar. This e-book examines the numerous craters on the earth that experience shaped due to meteorites or asteroids crashing into the planet, excavating large holes and wreaking frequent destruction at the panorama.

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Many of these are large bodies that are thought to have been deflected inward from the Kuiper Belt, into unstable orbits that have them on an eventual collision course with the giant planets, or to be flung into the inner solar system. Coming from so far out in the solar system Centaurs are icy bodies. One Centaur, Chiron, is about 50 miles (85 km) in diameter, is classified as a minor planet and exhibits a cometary tail when it is at its perihelion but not along other parts of its orbit. Chiron therefore is classified as both an asteroid and a comet.

Palisa, Vienna 1884 433 Eros 21 × 8 × 8 (33 × 13 × 13) G. 5 (19 × 12 × 11) G. N. 4) W. 6) K. 9) E. F. Helin, Palomar 1976 2060 Chiron 111 (180) C. T. 5) C. S. and E. M. ) S. F. Honig, Palomar 23 inner solar system asteroids There are relatively few asteroids that orbit inside the orbit of Jupiter, since the numerous planets and proximity to the Sun in this region exert many forces that cause the orbits of bodies to become unstable. Most asteroids that end up orbiting in the inner solar system are deflected there by collisions in the other asteroid belts, and have short lifetimes before they impact a planet, are pulled into the Sun, or deflected back to outer space.

It is estimated that about a billion tons of material has landed on Earth that was originally ejected by meteorite impact on Mars. A smaller number of SNC meteorites have been shown to come from Earth’s Moon. Other achondrites formed on other bodies that have been destroyed by giant impacts. The howardites, eucrites, and diogenites are thought to have formed in one body, the largest remnant of which is the asteroid 4 Vesta currently orbiting the Sun in the asteroid belt. 4 billion years ago, within a hundred million years of the formation of the solar system.

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