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By Tara Mulqueen, Daniel Matthews

Being Social brings jointly best and rising students at the query of sociality in poststructuralist concept. The essays accrued during this quantity learn a feeling of the social which resists ultimate choice and closure, embracing an anxiousness and undecidability of sociality, instead of effacing it. via matters together with queer politics, migration, and Guantanamo, fresh occasions reminiscent of the career of Gezi Park in Istanbul, and theoretical explorations of topics reminiscent of writing, legislation, and democracy, participants investigate how a reconfigured sociality impacts considering and perform within the felony and political geographical regions. With a specific emphasis on Jean-Luc Nancy, whose paintings brings questions of group to the fore, those essays discover how the constant 'unworking' of sociality informs the tenor and kind of political debate and engagement.

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16 Nietzsche, Gay Science, 120 (§ 125), 110 (§ 109). In Nauckhoff's translation heilig is rendered as 'holy' but here 'sacred' is preferred as more befltting a deiflc substitute. 17 Friedrich Nietzsche, 'On the New Idol,' in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, trans. Adrian de/ Caro (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006),34-5. And for the 'flnger of God,' see also Exodus 31:18. 18 Respective/y, Johann P. Arnason, 'Nationalism, Globalization and Modernity,' in Global Culture: Natiol1alism, Globalizatiol1 and Modernity, ed.

17 Nancy, L'Impératif catégorique, 55. GROUND OF BEING SOCIAL 25 thinking of ground and truth. Nancy explicitly links philosophy's encounter with its own absence of ground with the impossibility of any philosophical determination of freedom as a ground for the will or for thought. Describing this in Heideggerian terms as an encounter with the internaI li mit of onto-theological discourse, Nancy remarks: This limit is reached as soon as the logic and signification of foundation in general, that is to say, of philosophy, is achieved.

Has vanished from his place in the supersensory world, still the place itself is preserved, although it has become empty.... 15 Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, trans. Joseflne Nauckhoff (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001), 120 (§ 125). 16 Nietzsche, Gay Science, 120 (§ 125), 110 (§ 109). In Nauckhoff's translation heilig is rendered as 'holy' but here 'sacred' is preferred as more befltting a deiflc substitute. 17 Friedrich Nietzsche, 'On the New Idol,' in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, trans.

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