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By Lynn O'Brien Hallstein

The necessities of “good” motherhood used to basically contain the care of youngsters, yet now modern moms also are harassed to turn into bikini-ready instantly postpartum. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein analyzes big name mother profiles to figure out many of the ways in which they inspire all moms to interact in physique paintings because the energizing approach to resolve any work-life stability struggles they could adventure. Bikini-Ready mothers additionally considers the ways in which maternal physique paintings erases any facts of moms’ contributions either at domestic and in specialist contexts. Hallstein theorizes attainable how one can gasoline an important moms’ revolution, whereas additionally pointing to preliminary options of resistance.

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In the context of high-achieving privileged women’s lives, for example, Stone notes that many of the 54 women she interviewed relied on what she refers to as choice feminism—a form of third wave feminism that emphasizes individualism, personal choices, and personal agency—in describing their decision to quit working when they faced work-life balance issues. As Stone reports, “choice rhetoric—phrases such as ‘active choice,’ ‘professional choice’—studded their interviews, appearing in 70 percent of them and implicit in others” (113).

Equally important, however, I also contend that, as the maternal body has become central to the kind of maternal identity promoted, reinforced, and detailed in the new celebrity mom profiles, the maternal body—via body management and a third shift of body work—has also become both the symbol of and the management tool for the post-second wave crisis in femininity. Chapter 2 and chapter 3 are the analysis chapters, and these chapters address the “how” question of this book—how are celebrity mom profiles now integrating the slender-pregnant and quickly slender, even bikini-ready, maternal body as the central feature of the new celebrity mom profiles?

Two key consequences in the public sphere of the neoliberal focus on individualism and individual responsibility are an emphasis on freedom of choice and the fundamental assumption of the equal capacity of individuals to make fully “free” choices. As Stuart Hall 34 BIKINI-READY MOMS puts it: “Neoliberalism is grounded in the ‘free, possessive individual’ with the state cast as tyrannical and oppressive. The welfare state, in particular, is the arch enemy of freedom” (par. 3). The language and key idea of second wave feminism that is most often invoked with neoliberalism is choice.

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