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By J.-L. Granju, B. Bissonnette, L. Courard (auth.), Benoît Bissonnette, Luc Courard, David W. Fowler, Jean-Louis Granju (eds.)

Among diversified techniques that may be thought of for concrete rehabilitation, bonded overlays are usually the main cost effective replacement. the first goal of overlays is to increase the lifetime of the candidate constructions, both through restoring the standard and integrity of the skin and/or the re-establishing or enhancing the load-carrying skill. however, the sturdiness of bonded overlay platforms nonetheless attracts matters within the technical group due to bond sustainability difficulties encountered in a couple of instances. at present, there's nonetheless no approved layout procedure or technique which may warrant the practitioner a winning end result of the fix. This State-of-Art document summarizes the findings with recognize to all features fascinated with the masking process.

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An experimental program has recently been conducted [15] to evaluate the influence of various test parameters on the measured cohesion of a reference concrete surface: transfer plate thickness and diameter, core drilling depth, speed of loading, adhesive type and thickness, and number of tests. 10). Also, a minimum number of five tests can be defined, based on the standard deviation and required level of confidence of the results. The results of this test will give not only an evaluation of the cohesion of the superficial layer of concrete, but also an estimation of the concrete integrity.

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