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By Karl Meindl, Walter Schroeder

The entire developmental, operational, and strive against background of the good Hansa-Brandenburg D.I. Fighter

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When we were drinking with the Aussies it was different, though. I saw Aussies beat a group of Redcaps so badly that they were stretcher cases. ' COMBAT A N D TACTICS The tactics of the Great War were based on experience of colonial wars of the late nineteenth century, and the general feeling amongst the general staff that any European war would be short and sharp. T h e trench system that developed was anathema to the High Command, who tried the most obvious methods of overcoming it. In practical terms, this meant extended 32 artillery b o m b a r d m e n t , to destroy wire and machine gun emplacements, which it conspicuously failed to do.

Giles, The Somme Then and Now Ypres Then and Now The Western Front Then and Now R. Coombes, Before Endeavours Fade V. Neuberg, A Guide to the Battlefields of the Great War M. Middlebrook, The Somme Battlefields A Comprehensive Guide PLATES A: Corporal, Rifle Brigade, 1914 1: T h e N C O depicted is a typical 'Old Contemptible' regular of the original BEF serving with the 1st battalion of his regiment in the 11th Infantry Brigade, 4th Division. 303 in. rifle ammunition, water bottle, entrenching tool, bayonet, greatcoat, ground sheet, mess tin and rations, as well as personal items, etc.

The stone jar is one of the coveted issue 'SRD' rum jars, which once drained of their original contents proved far belter for holding precious water than the usual petrol tins. (Courtesy Trustees of the Royal Armouries) 59 Technology had made a big impact on the course of the war by 1918. This tank of the 1st Gun Carrier Company is being used as a supply vehicle at Villers-Brettonneaux in 1918. It could carry within its body work and on a lowed wooden sledge the same quantity of supplies and munitions that would haze required nearly a battalion of infantrymen to transport earlier in the war.

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