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Habitat Southern Africa Lifestyle Nocturnal Reproduction Egg-laying 2 feet (70 cm) It opens its mouth wide and expels the shell, which is rolled into a thin cylinder. The throat returns to its normal position. 15 minutes THE TIME IT TAKES TO SWALLOW AN EGG 2 A valve blocks the passage of eggshell fragments. Rupture The egg reaches the esophageal teeth, which puncture the eggshell; the head and neck muscles then crush it. 1 hour 3 Pause The food is processed in the digestive tract until the large bulge below the head disappears and the animal returns to its normal shape.

1 SNAKES Cobras are usually used, but vipers and even boas can serve as alternatives. Unlike vipers, cobras are not capable of striking from a coiled position. This keeps them from attacking beyond the reach of the extended portion of their bodies. The cobras dance. 1/3 of the snake's body CALL The flute is brought closer to the basket to call the cobra. Location is key. A cobra cannot reach beyond the portion of its body that is elevated. India Sanctions Snake Charming In 2004, snake charmers in India were able to resume their jobs after having been accused of mistreating their animals during their shows.

Turtles Illegal trafficking arises from the demand for turtles as pets. 9 2002 47 20 1 2003 2004 Scavenging turtles eat bait. Because they cannot escape, they die of asphyxiation (lack of oxygen). Buoy Lines with hooks over 3,000 The number of hooks on a single main line Main Line Fishing for Swordfish or Tuna Weight CIRCULAR HOOK The greater width of these hooks reduces the chance of turtles being caught on them or swallowing them. Thanks to this modification, the numbers of turtles caught or injured has been dramatically reduced.

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