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By Christopher Shores, Mark Rolfe

On the outset of worldwide warfare I the British had a few a hundred and ten diverse plane, used often for the visible reconnaissance function. With the arrival of quicker and extra agile single-seaters, the Allies and their adversaries raced to outdo one another within the construction of certainly powerful opponents with mounted forward-firing desktop gun armament. It was once no longer until eventually 1917 that the British constructed a really powerful interrupter equipment, which lead the way for nice unmarried seaters comparable to the Sopwith Triplane Camel and the RAF S.E.5., later joined by means of the Bristol F.2B - the war's most sensible two-seat fighter. This quantity lines the quick improvement of the fighter in global warfare I and the fantastic exploits of the British and Empire aces who flew them.

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Disclosures, governsensational for If newspapermen were fishing ments too were as anxious to find out the secrets of other foreign ministries as they were to discover details of military plans. The French Foreign Ministry had maintained, with brief interruptions, a cabinet noir since the time of Richelieu, a secret office which worked to break the diplomatic ciphers of other governments, and which from the 1880s was regularly doing so. 6 The Germans had a spy in the Russian embassy in London in 1914 who gave them information about - and seems to have exaggerated the importance of - the inconclusive naval talks between the British and Russian admiralties in June 1914; and this information strengthened the Germans' conviction that their opponents were tightening a ring around Germany and that it would be better to break out of this encirclement sooner rather than later.

73. (Herein- 6. Int. after referred to as 7. O BD. Bez. 1st series, V, No. 37; Albertini, op. , Vol. II, p. 350. ester reich-Ungarns Aussenpolitik von der Bosnischen Krise 1908 bis zum 8. Kriegsausbruch 1914, Vol. VIII (Vienna 1930) No. 10616, p. 646. ) See Gale Stokes, 'The Serbian documents from 1914: a preview', Supplement to the Journal of Modern History, 48, No. 3, Sept. 1976. 10. DD No. 49, p. 74. DD IV, Appendix IV, No. 2, p. 11. £DXI,No. 9. I, 12. £D XI, No. 98, p. 77. 13. £DXI,No. 14. OeD VIII, No.

However, the attack on France weakened their and the declaration of war on France together with the invasion of Belgium made any further German appeal to England position; ineffective. On the morning of 2 August, the British Cabinet had, as we have seen, accepted the necessity of protecting the northern coasts of France. By the evening, at the second Cabinet meeting of the day, they had, faced with the news from the Continent, agreed that a 'substantial' violation of Belgian neutrality would justify war.

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