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By Wendy Cobcroft; Creative Commons Clinic.; ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation.; Creative Commons Australia.; Creative Commons International

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As at 11 March 2007 (1 year before writing), 70 licences were being sold per month. Classical music still dominates paid downloads, contributing 30% of revenue. php/John_Buckman:_Magnatune creative commons case studies Magnatune licenses under Creative Commons primarily for promotional reasons. Unrestricted access to content logically allows for easier dissemination of that content. Where other platforms and labels online offer small samples of songs or songs at dramatically lower quality than CDs, Magnatune uses Creative Commons licences to enable it to allow potential customers to listen to full, near-CD quality versions of the songs with fewer restrictions.

For these organisations, Creative Commons is an important tool in the development of community consciousness, providing a legal framework for the free expression of ideas and sharing of ideals by individuals who may not otherwise find opportunities or have the ability to engage in the public domain. By encouraging the broad dissemination of alternative points of view, beyond the restrictions of ‘all rights reserved’ copyright, these groups are fostering the freedom of thought and speech for the ultimate betterment of all society.

Au) 47 Architecture for Humanity 50 EngageMedia 53 Global Voices Online 56 GreensBlog 58 International IDEA Publishing 60 New Internationalist 62 These projects encourage individuals and organisations to embrace democratic processes in the digital realm as well as offline, ‘shining light on places and people that other media often ignore,’ per Global Voices Online (www. org). ’ An exemplary project that demonstrates this is Architecture for Humanity, which constructs emergency housing in the wake of global disasters under the CC Developing Nations licence.

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