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Offers an authoritative dialogue of pen-based person interfaces and offers an in-depth exposition of the capsule laptop Ink SDK, whole with improvement advice and tips

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Any sort of lag will impede the user†s thought process, reducing the effectiveness of inking on a tablet. Two sources of lag exist in applications: • Packet processing lag The Tablet PC Platform sends notifications of newly captured ink. These notifications are sent to an application whenever new points are captured in the middle of an ink stroke. If the application processes these new points (packets) on its own, it is expected to render the partially drawn stroke as well. A lag occurs if there†s a noticeable time lapse between the time the notification is sent and when the partial stroke is finally drawn.

The Windows desktop is an example of sorts of a two-dimensional object-based document. You can drag out a selection rectangle on it, which then selects all icons that fall within the rectangle. Documents with digital ink in them are usually best described as being in the two-dimensional object-based category. However, traditional two-dimensional object-based selection mechanisms need to be adjusted to handle some challenges specific to digital ink. The first and perhaps most essential deviation from traditional selection mechanisms is that digital ink often selects poorly when using a rectangular selection tool.

Ink for complex scripts Many computer users can type English much faster than they can write it. However, this great imbalance between the throughputs of the keyboard and the pen does not hold true for all languages. In fact, many languages not based on Latin script have complex alphabets that are difficult to type. In such languages, the size of the alphabet dwarfs the number of keys available on a keyboard, requiring users to type characters by using complicated combinations of keys. Worsening the problem, typical words in some of these languages have many homonyms, making phonetic spelling difficult as well.

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