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If I correctly understand canonical HAR-ra, the first part of the SE ("barley/grainW) section, consisting of tablet XXIV 138a-164 in the edition by E. Reiner and M. ], is organised around the nUmeS of cereals, though it also contains terms that are not, properly speaking, names. t3), nir(i)gaLG ( ? 6), quZeptwn (5. 14). This is then followed by the section that contains things done to seed plants in general such as pulling, pulling off the ears, harvesting with the sickle and other terms. Only the first section is analyzed below, arranged in alphabetical order according to the Akkadian entries.

A. P. Lilchucheua. Cnast' 11. DV 5. "Cereals of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia", Nature 138, 270-273. "Texts from the Time of Lugalzagesi, Problems and Perspectives in Their Interpretationw,Hebrew union CoZZeye Annual 49, 1-58. Practical Vocabulary of Assur, two column vocabulary [edited by B. R. Gurney, Arcniv f i b Orientforscnuny 18 (1957-58) 328-3411 Reiner, E. & Civil, M. 1974 The Series HAR-ra = huouZZu, TabZets XX-XXIV, edited by Erica Reiner with the collaboration of Miguel Civil. MSL 11.

11. 1 Preparatory irrigation Georgica S~meriCu instructs that in early summer the farmer should irrigate a field that was in fallow the previous year [ ~ e o r g i c as ~ W ~ ~ 2ff. )I. The term gsn-ki-A (now read as ggn-ki-durug by many Sumerologists) might denote a plot where preparatory flooding had already been performed as advised in the Georyica. The term gsn-ki-A is often found in pre-Sargonic and Sargonic texts from Girsu. These texts were written when the area was surveyed for the allotment or renting of land to the personnel of public institutions.

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