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The chiller must only be filled in the liquid state. Operating conditions other than nominal conditions may produce considerably different values. Seal testing or the detection of leaks must be carried out using R407C refrigerant gas only, checking with a suitable leak finder. GRUPPO HE-HCR R407C The refrigerant circuit must not be filled with a refrigerant other than R407C. The use of a refrigerant other than R407C may cause serious damage to the compressor. Oxygen, acetylene or other inflammable or poisonous gases must not be used in the refrigerant circuit, as they may cause explosions.

For other conditions and for nominal condensing power Qc derived from the cooling capacity Qf, the power selection method is given below: Qc = Qf x Fr x F1 x F2 x F3 Fr = heat output factor obtained from DIAG. 14 for hermetic compressor 0 +10 Te(°C) Example: - Cooling capacity Df = 20 kW with Te = -5°C and Tc = 40°C - Semi-hermetic compressor - Ambient temperature 27°C, unit installed at an altitude of 1000m. The selection method gives us: Qc = 20 x 1,25 x 1,08 x 1,27 x 1,06 = 36,3 kW The following will satisfy the required conditions: model ACCS 48 axial flow air condenser with motors with "Y" connection, from the table at 5 m distance, guaranteeing a sound pressure level of 48+6=55 dB(A).

For instructions on how to carry out this operation, contact De’ Longhi Spa. - Always check the superheating and subcooling values. In nominal conditions, these should be between 5 and 10 °C and between 4 and 8 °C respectively. - After a couple of hours of operation, make sure the liquid flow gauge indicates a dry circuit (dry-green). REFRIGERANT GAS CONTENT The chillers are filled with R407C refrigerant gas and tested in the factory. In normal conditions, there should be no need for the Technical Engineer to intervene to check the refrigerant gas.

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