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By Professor Kirsten Hastrup, Professor Karen Fog Olwig

'The maximum unmarried effect of weather swap may be on human migration', acknowledged the Intergovernmental Panel on weather swap (IPCC) in 1990. due to the fact then there was huge situation concerning the large-scale inhabitants activities that may ensue as a result of weather swap. This e-book examines rising styles of human mobility when it comes to weather swap, drawing on a multidisciplinary technique, together with anthropology and geography. It addresses either greater, common questions and urban neighborhood instances, the place the hyperlink among weather switch and human mobility is show up and calls for recognition - empirically, analytically and conceptually. one of the circumstances explored are either ancient and modern circumstances of migration in accordance with weather switch, and jointly they illustrate the need of studying new styles of flow, historical cultural photographs and law practices within the wake of recent worldwide procedures.

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If the first lesson from history is that humans have always migrated, and not only in response to environmental change, the second lesson is that whenever we concern ourselves with social agents, multiple considerations enter into the choice to either move or remain. People act as much upon their envisioning of particular futures, as upon unprecedented challenges. 1 Leaving home: how can historic human movements inform the future? Carole L. Crumley Abstract This chapter offers an overview of the history of human migration, conditions pertaining to past migrations, and the types of evidence that allow their study.

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