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By Myles L. Pensak, Daniel I. Choo

..a thoroughly revised deition of Hughes' Textbook of medical Otology, the textual content covers easy technological know-how, diagnostics , administration, and rehabilitation...the diagnostic procedure is aided via the addition of colour images

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Phase The phase of a sound refers to the relative timing of sound waves. 5 3 Amplitude Low intensity (Softer) 10 5 0 –5 –10 times (ms) Figure 2–2 Graphs of two sine waves of the same frequency (1000 Hz) but different intensities plotted over time. The tones have the same cycles per second but differ in the amplitude of the waves. 37 Differences in the sounds that come out of the vocal mechanism are caused by changing the resonating cavities above the vocal folds. Complex sounds may be described in terms of spectra.

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