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Listening carefully to another will give you clues on how he thinks, what he feels is important and why he is saying what he is saying. By understanding him better, you will be able to work better with him, even if you do not particularly like him. Knowing that Jan is an extrovert, that Jim is an introvert, or that Mike needs frequent praise, leads to better understanding and thus harmony. In other words, the good listener gains: • • • • information understanding listening in return cooperation We all need to listen Finally then, listening is vital for the student whose success depends on how well he retains ideas, and for the manager who must know what is taking place in many areas if he is to make intelligent decisions and ensure the morale of his staff.

Be prepared to listen. Listening is not a passive skill but one that requires active hard work. Communication is a two-way process and so we must share the responsibility for effectiveness with the speaker: try to think more about what the speaker is trying to say than about what you want to say. Being prepared also means getting into the right mental attitude - ready to maintain attention, increase awareness and elicit comprehension - and having the right background knowledge to understand what is being communicated.

This includes pronunciation, of course. It requires you to breathe properly, to move your lips, tongue and jaw freely and easily. It also requires you to talk directly to the listener. Expressiveness is putting feeling into your voice. To be expressive, you must avoid the low droning monotone which will turn off your listener. It is easier to be expressive when you maintain good posture, and are interested in your subject and concerned about your listener. ). then concentrating on sounding distinct.

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