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71 Adorno’s methodological claim suggests the idea that the knowledge derived from the certainty described above can only be attained by someone who is open to involuntary memory. For this openness to exist, it is not enough merely to listen, to, as Adorno puts it, have no skin; it also involves attentiveness to involuntary memory and the courage to pursue it. ]73 But the certainty of these memories has to be both pursued and acknowledged by the self to whom the experiences belong. 74 Further investigation is needed 71 Theodor W.

These descriptions can easily be applied to the moment when the narrator tastes the madeleine or the times when he is pleasantly struck by a sight or smell on one of his walks. , 11. , 86. Involuntary memories, however, are not the only privileged moments in À la recherche. , 87). , 16. , 21. 40 Philip Fisher, Wonder, the Rainbow, and the Aesthetics of Rare Experiences (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1998), 2. , 21). This emphasis on the visual is a constant throughout Fisher’s work: “Only the visual is instantaneous, the entire object .

At one and the same time in the past, so that my imagination was permitted to savor it, and in the present, where the actual shock to my senses of the noise, the touch of the linen napkin, or whatever it might be, had added to the dreams of the imagination the concept of “existence” which they usually lack, and through this subterfuge had made it possible for my being to secure, to isolate, to immobilize—for a moment brief as a flash of lightning—what normally it never apprehends: a fragment of time in the pure state.

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