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By Cameron Pierce

Franz and Lola are vampires in love. They stay in a cottage close to the ocean with their little vampire baby.

Burn lady is a lonely woman who walks alongside the ground of the ocean, continually on hearth. The water doesn't positioned her fireplace out or soothe her burns. It basically makes her think like she's donning an itchy wool sweater.

Bruno is the buffest vampire. he's development Muscle Island, a floating citadel made from mussels.

The Vampire technology Council has been operating for hundreds of years to avoid the depletion in their arctic planet's blood provide, however the blood has ultimately run out.

Cyrus Lugosi's neighbors are looking to slaughter him as a part of a ritual sacrifice that would elevate Cthulhu from his tomb on the backside of the ocean. There are only difficulties: the nearest factor to the Necronomicon they've acquired is a unicorn coloring publication, and Cthulhu is extra drawn to his quest for definitely the right hamburger.

Their fates will converge whilst Cthulhu involves the Vampire nation.

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