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Designed to enrich the Encore DVD software program documentation, this full-color e-book starts with a short description of the DVD specification, then introduces readers to DVD authoring innovations akin to menu production, timeline building, navigation, transcoding, and disc learning. Readers easy methods to plan and deal with initiatives, and the way to grasp the workflows among Encore and different Adobe functions reminiscent of Photoshop, finest, and After results to create well-structured and fascinating menus. The better half DVD comprises files for making plans a DVD, instructional initiatives, and a library of royalty unfastened, customizable, templates. This full-color booklet delivers all of the necessities, together with a concise description of the correct DVD standards and real-world instructional initiatives.

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For more information on video chapter buttons, see Chapter Eight. Figure 2-15: Motion menu timing options More elaborate motion menus are created with Adobe After Effects, the most widely used motion graphics and compositing application for film and video. Chapter Nine has information on how to use After Effects for advanced motion menu creation. Types of Menus A typical DVD has a dozen menus. Most of these menus follow certain patterns of use that can be generically described and categorized. The DVD-Video specification defines a few types of menus: root, scene, subtitle, audio, and angle menus.

A facilitator runs the test, and another person might be needed to take notes, to help with technical snafus, or to play the part of DVD player if paper prototypes are used. ORIENTATION In the orientation, the facilitator begins with introductions and tells the participant what she will be evaluating. It is important to stress that the product is being tested and that the product development team is looking for her candid and honest opinion. When I have run tests as an independent consultant, I tell the participant that I am not with the company and that she should feel free to tell me whatever she likes because I will not be offended.

If you use this method, tell the participant that you will ask him to speak up or to continue talking if he becomes silent. If the participant does not understand how to do this, give him an example. I usually say, "I am putting the DVD into the player. I see some text with the FBI warning on it. I guess I cannot copy this DVD for my own commercial use. Now I see the production company's logo. I like it. " With the observation method, the participant simply performs the tasks and the facilitator takes notes.

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