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This totally up-to-date version bargains over 11,000 entries, every one offering transparent, updated insurance of expert nursing phrases together with illnesses, indicators, anatomy, tools, universal medicines and organic phrases. It covers either daily vocabulary in terms of sufferer care and phrases from scientific specialisations resembling psychiatry.It presents the person with an entire advisor to the vocabulary prone to be encountered by way of nurses (and different wellbeing and fitness care execs) of their day by day paintings.

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See illustration at NEURONE in Supplement bipolar disorder / baipəυlə dis ɔ də/ noun a psychological condition in which someone moves between mania and depression and experiences delusion. Also called manic-depressive illbiparous bipennate | bipolar | bipolar disorder | ness, manic depression bite wing bipolar neurone bipolar neurone /bai pəυlə njυərəυn/ noun a nerve cell with two processes, a dendrite and an axon, found in the retina. See illustration at NEURONE in Supplement. Compare multipolar neu| rone, unipolar neurone birth /b θ/ noun the act of being born birth canal / b θ kə n l/ noun the uterus, birth birth canal | vagina and vulva birth control / b θ kən trəυl/ noun same as birth control | contraception birth control pill birth control pill / b θ kən trəυl pil/ noun same as oral contraceptive birthing chair / b θiŋ tʃeə/ noun a special chair in which a woman sits to give birth birthing pool / b θiŋ pu l/ noun a special large bath in which pregnant women can relax before and when giving birth birthmark / b θmɑ k/ noun an unusual coloured or raised area on the skin which someone has from birth.

After Bitot’s spots Pierre A. ] bivalve bivalve / baiv lv/ noun an organ which has two valves í adjective referring to a bivalve organ black eye / bl k ai/ noun bruising and swelling of the tissues round an eye, usually caused by a blow blackhead / bl khed/ noun same as comedo black eye blackhead (informal) black heel black heel / bl k hi l/ noun a haemorrhage inside the heel, characterised by black spots black out / bl k aυt/ verb to have sudden loss of consciousness ć I suddenly blacked out and I can’t remember anything more blackout / bl kaυt/ noun a sudden loss of consciousness (informal) ć She must have had a blackout while driving.

Also called facial paralysis [Described 1821. After Sir Charles Bell (1774–1842), Scottish surgeon. He ran anatomy schools, first in Edinburgh and then in London. ] belly belly / beli/ noun 1. same as abdomen 2. the fatter central part of a muscle Bence Jones protein / bens d əυnz prəυti n/ noun a protein found in the urine of people who have myelomatosis, lymphoma, leukaemia and some other cancers [Described 1848. fm Page 31 Monday, May 14, 2007 4:47 PM 31 bends /bendz/ plural noun ˽ the bends ‘ caisson disease Benedict’s solution / benidikts sə lu ʃ(ə)n/ noun a solution used to carry out Benedict’s test Benedict’s test / benidikts test/ noun a test to see if sugar is present in the urine [Described 1915.

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