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By Emmeline Besamusca, Jaap Verheul

What are the main salient and gleaming evidence concerning the Netherlands that these drawn to its historical past want to know? This quantity tackles the center of this query of Dutch identification via a few crucial subject matters that run throughout the tradition, background, and society of the Netherlands. working the gamut from the Randstad to the Dutch Golden Age, from William of Orange to Anne Frank, getting to know the Dutch makes use of a chain of fascinating vignettes written by means of educational specialists of their fields on the way to deal with old and modern concerns similar to immigration, tolerance, and the fight opposed to water, in addition to problems with culture—painting, literature, structure, and layout between them.

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Because of the vital and comprehensive nature of the problem – every citizen had a clear interest in keeping the water out – relatively democratic institutions developed already during the Middle Ages to handle this. Farm­ ers with land in the polders convened at meetings where they discussed the problems that had to be solved and tried to make decisions on the basis of consensus, and where they elected the managers of these polders that had to execute the decisions made. As a result, a bottom-up process of democratic decision making emerged, based on meetings and elections, which was – so the story goes – to form the basis for the political system of the country.

At the same time, the various Dutch governments were quite successful in lowering taxes and achieving a gradual liberalization of the economy – very similar to what was happening in Great Britain and in the United States at the same time. In short, due to the cooper­   ation between the three “social partners” – trade unions, employer’s organ­ izations and the government – the Netherlands was quite successful in adap­t ­­ing to the changed conditions of the 1980s and 1990s, to the “postin­dustrial society” and the age of globalization.

In Care of the State: Health Care, Education and Welfare in Europe and the USA in the Modern Era. New York: Oxford University Press, 1988. Visser, Jelle and Anton Hemerijck. “A Dutch Miracle”: Job Growth, Welfare Reform and  Corporatism in the Netherlands. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 1997.  Chapter 4 Randstad Holland Ben de Pater & Rob van der Vaart Some forty percent of the Dutch population and almost fifty percent of the jobs are concentrated in an area that is about twenty percent of the national land surface: the urbanized ring connecting the four largest cities of Am­ sterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, located in the three provinces North Holland, South Holland and Utrecht.

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