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K. (2009). Antiatherosclerotic and anti-insulin resistance effects of adiponectin: basic and clinical studies. 2, (September-October 2009), pp. Y. & Jin, W. (2010). Impact of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease on microalbuminuria in patients with prediabetes and diabetes. Intern. Med. 6, (June 2010), pp. ; Ohtake, T. & Kobayashi, S. (2008). Glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, and renal pathology in nondiabetic chronic kidney disease. 2, (February 2008), pp.

6. Conclusions Dent’s disease is a rare X-linked disorder characterized by various degrees of proximal tubular dysfunction, nephrocalcinosis and nephrolithiasis. The disease leads to progressive loss of kidney function and causes end stage renal failure (ESRD) mostly in the 3rd to 4th decades of life. Dent’s disease mostly affects males, however, female carries can develop mild proximal tubular dysfunction and more rarely nephrolithiasis. e. Dent 1 patients) have inactivating mutations in the CLCN5 gene encoding the electrogenic Cl-/H+ exchanger ClC-5, which is extensively expressed on the early endosomes in renal PT and is involved in the receptor-mediated endocytosis.

Q J Med, 87, pp. 473-493, ISSN 1460-2725 Wu F, Reed AA, Williams SE, Loh NY, Lippiat JD, Christie PT, Large O, Bettinelli A, Dillon MJ, Goldraich NP, Hoppe B, Lhotta K, Loirat C, Malik R, Morel D, Kotanko P, Roussel B, Rubinger D, Schrander-Stumpel C, Serdaroglu E, Nesbit MA, Ashcroft F, 32 Diseases of Renal Parenchyma Thakker RV. (2009). Mutational analysis of CLC-5, cofilin and CLC-4 in patients with Dent’s disease. Nephron Physiol, 112, pp. 53-62, ISSN 1660-8151 Wu F, Roche P, Christie PT, Loh NY, Reed AA, Esnouf RM, Thakker RV.

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