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By Joe Heuer, Rajesh Setty

I have learn such a lot of Joe's books...for leisure (he makes me laugh)...for information...for rules, then this ebook comes alongside and anything else moved me. i am in a transitional level in existence and refocusing on my desires has been in my techniques. So to be able to brighten your day with a bit "Enlightened notion" learn "#DREAMtweet".

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Enlightened Inspiration from a Rock and Roll Guru 37 Know that you are the only one who gets to decide whether you’ll accept the status quo or welcome the challenge of living your dream. #DREAMtweet 39 38 Believing in your gifts and sharing them with the world unconditionally will expedite your dream. 39 If you really believe in your dreams, pursue Moby Dick with a jar of tartar sauce. Enlightened Inspiration from a Rock and Roll Guru #DREAMtweet 41 Section III Love is Always the Answer Your dream can and will be achieved when you infuse it with love.

56 You can’t overemphasize the importance of consciously choosing happiness in your life. It’s the path to rockin’ your dream. Enlightened Inspiration from a Rock and Roll Guru 57 The absolute simplest dream manifestation principle in the world is to be as happy as you can, for as long as you can, as often as you can. #DREAMtweet 53 58 Happiness is your natural state. It is the path, not merely a destination. In fact, happiness is the ultimate dream. Choose it now. Enlightened Inspiration from a Rock and Roll Guru #DREAMtweet 55 Section IV Everybody Needs Passion and Inspiration!

DREAMtweet 45 45 You can live from love or you can live from fear, but you cannot do both. Your dream will manifest only when you live from love. Enlightened Inspiration from a Rock and Roll Guru 46 Your dream is your love made manifest. Radiate your love out into the ethers and it will come back to you multiplied. 47 Love can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary in a heartbeat. Dreams born of love are everlasting. #DREAMtweet 47 48 Living your dream involves sharing your unique gifts in order to serve humanity in a manner that brings joy to you and the people you serve.

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