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Listed here are all of the most often used electric calculations - labored out and simplified - in an instant-access, consult-it-on-the-job layout. within: the entire crucial calculations each electric specialist must safely layout, set up, and preserve electric gear, from wiring and circuits, to batteries and turbines.

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As was shown in Fig. 1-22, current through a pure inductance lags the voltage by 90 electrical degrees. In Fig. 1-24, this 90-degree lagging angle is depicted simply by using a familiar right triangle. In Fig. 1-24a, the resistance R is shown on the x axis in a left-to-right direction. In Fig. 1-24b, the current through the resistance is also shown on the x axis, and in Fig. 1-24c, the power dissipated in the resistance (known as true power and measured in watts) is shown on the x axis as well.

E 2 OHMS R3 R2 7 OHMS FIND THE EQUIVALENT RESISTANCE RL . 5) VDR1 = (10) VDR1 = (10) VDR1 = ESOURCE X CONSIDERING ONLY R1: SOLUTION BY VOLTAGE DIVIDER LAW Figure 1-17 Solve for the voltage drop across each series-connected resistor by two methods. VR1 + VR2 MUST EQUAL THE SOURCE VOLTAGE OF 10 VOLTS. 5 OHMS VOLTAGER1 = CURRENT X RESISTANCE CONSIDERING ONLY R1: E 1 AMP CURRENT FLOW Basic Electrical Working Definitions and Concepts 23 dc systems, watts are equal to the voltage times the current (W ϭ E ϫ I), and watts are also equal to the current squared times the resistance (W ϭ I 2 ϫ R).

1-24a, the inductive reactance XL is shown on the y-axis in a vertical direction. In Fig. 1-24b, the current through the reactance is also shown in the vertical direction, and in Fig. 1-24c, the power flow through the inductive reactance (known as apparent power and measured in reactive voltamperes, or VARs) is shown vertically as well. Note that no true power, or wattage, is expended in an inductance. Basic Electrical Working Definitions and Concepts 31 +j DIRECTION Z XL Z = R + j XL a) R NOTE: +j MEANS "ROTATE 90° IN A COUNTERCLOCKWISE DIRECTION" Y b) TO O TA LC T CURRENT IN AN INDUCTIVE REACTANCE X CURRENT IN A RESISTOR Pa c) UR N RE A) PO NT RE PA P A R WE P +j DIRECTION (KV Pq Q REACTIVE POWER (VARS) IN AN INDUCTIVE REACTANCE TRUE POWER (WATTS) IN A RESISTANCE KVAR = P + j Q Figure 1-24 Illustrations and formulas to solve for ac current and power in resistors and in inductors.

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