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By Robert Ayres

This e-book describes the evolution and mechanisms of average wealth production. the writer explains how traditional wealth comprises advanced actual buildings of condensed (“frozen”) strength and what the foremost necessities for wealth construction are, particularly a metamorphosis agent, a variety mechanism and a life-extending mechanism. He makes use of parts from a number of disciplines, from physics to biology to economics to demonstrate this.

Human wealth is finally in accordance with normal wealth, as fabrics remodel into helpful artifacts, and as invaluable info is transmitted by means of these artifacts whilst activated through power. The query is that if the hot immaterial wealth of principles of the information economic system can change depleted common wealth. This publication unearths the very important problem for fiscal and political leaders to discover how wisdom and ordinary capital, power specifically, can engage to strength the human wealth engine within the future.

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Motors need electricity. Engines need fuel. Horses must be fed. The same is true of human workers. Exergy is what “makes things go” but knowledge is needed to optimize and control exergy flows and material transformations, as well as social activities and institutions. Knowledge enables us to do more with less. —but applied knowledge certainly creates wealth. Economic growth, per capita, is not driven by capital accumulation per se, but by exergy availability and knowledge. That is what Part III of this book is about.

The main argument by opponents was that if, after a microsecond of random motion all trajectories were suddenly reversed (“by the Hand of God”) then logic says that the original configuration of positions and motions would be regained because the Newtonian equations of motion are symmetric with respect to time. But the H-theorem says that entropy would increase in both micro-timesegments. This appeared to be a logical contradiction. Boltzmann’s answer was that the original configuration of microstates might conceivably happen, but only after many lifetimes of the universe.

3 The Birth of Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics 23 The point is that physicists in the middle of the nineteenth century were still trying to grapple with a very difficult question, namely how to fit the mechanical and thermal aspects of energy—heat, pressure, motion—into a simple comprehensible picture. Actually, they couldn’t do it except in a relatively narrow range of processes near thermodynamic equilibrium, because those variables (pressure, temperature, density, entropy) are not defined except at or near equilibrium.

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