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By Steven Buechler

Balance idea all started within the early Nineteen Sixties with the paintings of Michael Morley and matured within the 70s via Shelah's examine in model-theoretic class thought. at the present time balance conception either affects and is inspired through quantity thought, algebraic staff idea, Riemann surfaces and illustration concept of modules. there's little version concept this present day that doesn't contain the tools of balance idea. the purpose of this e-book is to supply the scholar with a brief direction from easy version concept to analyze in balance conception, to organize a scholar for study in any of state-of-the-art branches of balance idea and to offer an creation to class idea with an exposition of Morley's Categoricity Theorem.

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1. Let T be a countable complete theory and M. a countable model. (i) M is saturated if for all finite A C M, M. realizes every element of Si(A). (ii) M. is homogeneous if for all finite A C M, a € M and elementary maps f : A —• M, there is an elementary map g : AU {a} —• M extending /. (in) M is universal if every countable model of T can be elementarily embedded into M. 7). 1. (Theories having a saturated countable model) (i) Let T be the theory in the empty language expressing that the universe is infinite.

Thus, M. is saturated. Not every countable complete theory has an Ho—saturated model in every infinite power. For example, if the theory has continuum many complete types over 0 then every No—saturated model has cardinality > 2**° (since continuum many tuples from a model are needed to realize all of the types). There are similar (and often more complicated) restrictions on the cardinalities of λ—saturated models of arbitrary theories when λ is an uncountable cardinal. Consider, for instance, the following theory.

The converse will be established by constructing a saturated countable model as the union of an elementary chain of length ω defined as follows. Let ΛΛQ be any countable model of T, i < ω, and suppose ΛΛi has been defined. 3). Thus, there is a countable elementary extension ΛΊi+i of Λίi such that for all finite A C Mi, every element of Sι(A) is realized in Mi+i. The union M = Uz

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