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By Martin N. Sara, Lorne G. Everett (editors)

This exact book presents a global standpoint on some of the most complicated concerns in hydrology: box and laboratory size of low permeability and twin porosity fabrics. 11 peer-reviewed papers, written by means of a world crew of specialists, specialize in the advance of suggestions to judge hydraulic conductivity and remediation of excellent grained and twin porosity geologic fabrics. subject matters tackle: attempt methods; Laboratory and box reviews; and coffee Permeability Environments and Remediation concerns.

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Hairline fractures, root holes, gypsum crystals, and silt and sand lenses also exist in the till. The liquid limit of the till varies between 25 and 52 (39 on average) and the plasticity index varies from 11 to 27 (20 on average). Yorkville till is described as a silty clay with low to moderate plasticity, is assigned a designation of CL in the Unified Soil Classification System. Methods Thin- Wall Sampling Tubes Forty-one samples were collected from the aquitard in thin-wall sampling tubes (71 mm diameter).

6 3-26-99 . . . . . 7m . 9 m . 5 m . . . No data . 2-15-96 2-18-96 2-17-96 . . 2-17-96 . . . . Spring 1998 Spring 1999 12-29-96 2-5-98 . . 1-6-97 2-10-98 1-1-97 2-13-98 1 - 1 - 9 7 2-13-98 . . 1-1-97 ** . . . . . IRC-5 Winter 96-97 . . . 6 m . . . . Depth Spring 1999 -3-1-99 3-2-99 2-28-99 3-3-99 3-3-99 ** . . 4 m bls, occurred more slowly. 1 m/d). The sedimentary interbed may have behaved as a capillary barrier retarding the advance of the infiltration front through the profile.

162-169. Herzog, B. , 1984, "A Comparison of Laboratory and Field Measured Values of Hydraulic Conductivity at a Waste Disposal Site," Proceeding fh Annual Madison Waste Conference, Dept. of Engineering Prof. Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison, pp. 30-52. , 1994, "Slug Tests for Determining Hydraulic Conductivity of Natural Geologic Deposits," Hydraulic Conductivity and Waste Contaminant Transport in Soil STP 1142, American Society for Testing and Materials, West Conshohocken, PA,, S.

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