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By Albertino da Boa Morte Francisco, Nujoma Sancho Quaresma

Exorcising Devils from the Throne introduces a small African archipelago that's almost unknown at the foreign degree, highlights its post-colonial difficulties, censures those that have prompted or contributed to them, and proposes solutions.

Celebrating independence from Portugal in 1975, tiny islands nestled via the coast of Western Africa have encountered tough seas. Charting the fortunes of the hot country and the bold lot that experience came upon their method to the helm, the authors spare nobody of their critique.

Very actual functional difficulties face the island, beginning with the monetary mismanagement, despotism and unlawful actions of Presidents Pinto da Costa, Miguel Trovoada and Fradique de Menezes; the failure to correctly make the most the island s common assets; problems with insularity in each experience; financial instability; and political illiteracy; which make this ordinary paradise an entire human misfortune.

And even if their speak of the 'evil souls' of the country's rulers could appear to trace at spiritual zeal or perhaps extremism, the authors have some degree to make concerning the nature of these who frequently run governments for the advantage of an elite few instead of the great of all.

The occasionally flamboyant prose sort is a clean holiday from the stern formality we'd anticipate from a political treatise, because the authors hire metaphors to demonstrate a real and painful state of affairs, rendering the image they paint extra shiny -- although it would be acknowledged that the evidence are colourful adequate: within the sections on STP s annual price range, petrol negotiations, etc., records and bibliographical references make their issues simple.

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Trovoada was a former prime minister who had been in exile for nine years before he returned as an independent candidate in 1990. In august 1995, a group of military officers attempted a coup d’état, killing one person and holding the President hostage for a week. The Angolan foreign minister mediated an agreement where the officers involved in the coup released President Trovoada and received a parliamentary amnesty, endorsed by presidential decree. As another condition of his return to power, the President agreed to give the military officers’ council a greater voice in decisions affecting the army.

It is the smallest country in the world which was not previously an overseas territory of the British Empire or the United States, or one of the European powers. It is also the smallest Portuguese-speaking country in the world. Wherever you live, you have a share in this place: It is a land where there is no God, no law, and no king capable of restricting you; the only 16 Chapter I: The Promised Land condition to claiming your share is that you are a human being. This place and its people enjoy an untouched and fertile land, a delightful tropical climate, a pollution-free environment, and centuries of peace and harmony lining its history books.

You are safe from the ghosts of the dark souls of the population. In May, 2008, Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada was accused in the National Assembly of receiving 6,000 liters of free diesel per month from the state, estimated at a value of more than 96 million dobras ($5,242 US). The allegation was made by Mr. Carlos Tiny (Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation from 22 June 2008 to 14 August 2010). The diesel fuel served to illuminate the residence of the head of Government. Responding to this accusation, Patrice Trovoada said that “The Prime Minister is entitled to electricity, and the state is fulfilling its obligations ....

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