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By R. Kenneth Horst

The backyard and Greenhouse vegetation handbook is a reference handbook on illnesses which assault backyard and greenhouse vegetation. The guide identifies a variety of sorts of ailments that are recognized to invade those vegetation positioned all through North, primary, and South America.The recordings comprise illnesses brought on by fungi, micro organism, viruses, viroids, phytoplasmas, and nematodes. Causal sickness brokers are defined and illustrated sometimes and illnesses and illness regulate measures also are mentioned. A handbook comparable to this can be by no means comprehensive on account that new studies of ailments are always reported.

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DESERT-PLUME (Stanleya) Leaf Spot. Cercospora nasturtii, KS. Rust. Puccinia aristidae, CO, NV. DESERT-ROSE (Adenium obesum) Leaf Spot. , FL. Virus. Tomato Spotted Wilt, FL; Cucumber Mosaic, FL. DIANTHUS (Garden Pinks) Blight; Stem Rot. Alternaria dianthi, widespread. Blight, Gray Mold. Botrytis cinerea, AK. Blight, Southern. Sclerotium rolfsii, IL, TX. Leaf, Blight. Rhizoctonia solani, LA. Leaf Spot. Ascochyta dianthi, NY, MS; Heterosporium echinulatum, CA, NY, OR; Septoria dianthi, AL, MI, MS, NJ, NY, NC.

KS, OH, TX. Rot, Charcoal. Macrophomina phaseoli, TX. Virus. Beet Curly Top, CA, TX; Cucumber Mosaic, NY. COCOYAM (Xanthosoma) Bacterial Leaf Spot. Xanthomonas campestris pv. dieffenbachiae, FL. COLEUS Broomrape. Orobanche ramosa, NY. Damping-Off; Cutting Rot. , CA, MD; Rhizoctonia solani, FL, IL, NY, TX. Downy Mildew. Peronospora lamii, LA, NY. Leaf Spot. , NJ. Nematode, Leaf. Aphelenchoides fragariae, NJ. Nematode, Root Knot. , AL, CA, CT, MD, MO, NJ, NY, OK. Nonparasitic. Crinkle. Genetic leaf deformity.

D 57 DUTCHMANS-PIPE (Aristolochia) Blight, Gray Mold. Botrytis cinerea, CT, MD. Leaf Spot. , MA; Ovularia aristolochiae, WV; Phyllosticta aristolochiae, NJ. Rot, Root. Diplodia radicicola, VA. E EASTER CACTUS (Rhipsalidopsis) Rot, Stem. Drechslera cactivora (Helminthosporium cactivorum), FL. ECHEVERIA Leaf Spot. Stemphylium bolickii, FL. Nematode, Root Knot. , CA. Rust. Puccinia echeveriae (III), CA. ECHINACEA (Purple Coneflower) Bacterial, phytoplasma. Aster Yellows, WI. Blight, Wilt. Fusarium oxysporum, SD.

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