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8 The surface velocities have been evaluated at different nodes corresponding to the points where the experimental data have been reported. A schematic of these nodes is shown in the Figure 19. Behavior of Hen‟s Eggs at Impact Loading 21 Figure 19. Nodes where the velocities have been computed. Single nodes correspond to the point A0, A1, A2, A3, and A4. The surface velocity is computed in the x and y directions. The velocity normal to the eggshell surface has been evaluated by the procedure outlined in Figure 20a-e.

7 m/s. In order to verify the validity of the model of the egg, the time histories of the forces and surface displacements have been evaluated. These data can be compared with experimental ones. In Figs. 40 and 41, the numerical and experimental records obtained for the egg No. 331 are presented. Results for the remaining problems exhibit the same qualitative features. The computed peak values of the force agree well with experimental ones. There are some differences in the time course of both functions.

The five versions have been considered. Examples of the numerical computations are displayed in the following figures. Figure 20a. Schematic of the surface velocity evaluation. Variant I. Egg is freely supported by the teflon ring. 22 Šárka Nedomová, Jan Trnka, Libor Severa, Pavla Stoklasová et al. Figure 20b. Schematic of the surface velocity evaluation. Variant II. Egg is connected with the teflon ring. Figure 20c. Schematic of the surface velocity evaluation. Variant III. Egg is in the contact with a rigid plate.

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