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By Chris Dolley

Animals behaving badly, different people's misfortunes and the main extraordinary actual crime tale ever. overseas bestseller, French Fried, is the regrettably real account of Chris Dolley's first 8 months in France and has been defined as 'A yr in Provence with omit Marple and Gerald Durrell.

Just while Chris and Shelagh imagine not anything extra may be able to get it wrong, they notice that Chris's identification has been stolen and their lifestyles discount rates - the entire cash from their apartment sale in England that used to be going to finance their new existence in France - had disappeared. A checking account were opened in Chris's identify in Spain to take the proceeds.

Then they're deserted through the police forces of 4 nations who all insist the crime belongs in an individual else's jurisdiction. The French say it's an Irish crime as that's the place the money was once held. The Irish say it's French as that's the place all of the correspondence got here from. The British say it's not anything to do with them even though...

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