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This ebook introduces the net via a scientific geographical interpretation, hence laying off gentle on the net as a spatial entity. The book’s procedure is to increase simple suggestions constructed for terrestrial geography to our on-line world, such a lot significantly these when it comes to area, constitution, position, distance, mobility, and presence. It extra considers the net by way of its structure of knowledge house, communications area, and display house. through the use of recognized innovations from conventional human geography, this booklet proposes a mixture of terrestrial and digital geographies, that can in flip assist in dealing with web buildings and contents. The e-book appeals to human and monetary geographers, in particular these drawn to details and net geographies. it could possibly even be of distinctive curiosity and significance to sociologists and media students and scholars facing conversation expertise and the Internet.

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Third, the Internet—or digital communications and informational spaces, and finally and fourth, Internet screen-space—the visual interface between Internet information and communications spaces and their users (Fig. 1). In this scalar model, virtual space constitutes the widest term, hence including cyberspace, which on its part includes the Internet and its screens, or its user interfaces, which we call the Internet screen-spaces. The discussions of these four classes of image space will focus on differences among them, as well as on relationships among them, rather than attempting to put these four classes into the context of spatial theory concepts that were developed originally for real space.

The Internet has been widely viewed as a unique social landscape, being comprised of spatial elements. For example, ‘the Internet, as a platform for virtual interactions among individuals and organizations, has necessarily a geographical component’ (Tranos and Nijkamp 2013, p. 855), and ‘the only communication medium that rivals the topological flexibility of computer networks is place itself’ (Adams 1998, p. 93). A growingly important element of Internet communications, notably since the wide adoption of social networking platforms (such as Facebook), is the ability for users to communicate anonymously and in most egalitarian ways.

Ash (2009) paved an initial road in this direction in his study of video game screens as spaces. He assumed that space in visual images ‘can be considered as a surface, a flat image presented on the screen’ (Ash 2009, p. 211). Ash (2009) further developed several notions regarding visual image spaces, tying together the distinct classes that Aumont (1997) proposed and that we mentioned before. First among these notions is that images represent the real world, even if in skewed, distorted, or imagined forms, but simultaneously they also produce and create spaces.

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