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Discover the pliability to coach technology your means Chemistry, as part of the Glencoe technological know-how 15-Book sequence, presents scholars with exact and accomplished assurance of chemical bonding, reactions, strategies, and extra. The robust content material insurance integrates a variety of hands-on reports, critical-thinking possibilities, and real-world functions. The modular process permits you to mix 'n match books to fulfill your curricula.

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For example, carbon has six protons and six electrons. Four of the six electrons are in its outer energy level. To obtain a more stable structure, carbon would either have to gain or lose four electrons. This is difficult because gaining and losing so many electrons takes so much energy. The alternative is sharing electrons. The Covalent Bond Atoms of many elements become more stable by sharing electrons. The chemical bond that forms between nonmetal atoms when they share electrons is called a covalent (koh VAY luhnt) bond.

It’s like the situation shown in Figure 16. When you try to walk through a crowded train station, you’re more likely to bump into other people than if the station were not so crowded. The amount of substance present in a certain volume is called the concentration of that substance. If you increase the concentration, you increase the number of particles of a substance per unit of volume. O؇C 100؇C Figure 15 Molecules collide more frequently at higher temperatures than at lower temperatures. This means they are more likely to react.

26 ◆ Aaron Haupt L CHAPTER 1 As more information has become known about the structure of the atom, scientists have developed new models. Making your own model and studying the models of others will help you learn how protons, neutrons, and electrons are arranged in an atom. Can an element be identified based on a model that shows the arrangement of the protons, neutrons, and electrons of an atom? How will your group construct a model of an element that others will be able to identify? Make A Model 1.

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