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By Mohammad Pessarakli

Detailing interrelated issues, this paintings addresses matters and issues concerning plant and crop rigidity. This variation comprises info on pH rigidity, temperature rigidity, water-deficit stipulations, carotenoids and tension, gentle rigidity, toxins tension, agrichemical tension, oxidative harm to proteins, UV-B caused pressure and abiotic tension tolerance.

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50 dS mϪ1). These investigators [50] reported that cyanobacterium exhibited high rates of nitrogen fixation and substantially enriched the nitrogen status of saline soils. However, permanent removal of Naϩ from saline soils using cyanobacteria or any other microorganisms may not be possible, since Naϩ is released back into the soil subsequent to the death and decay of cyanobacteria or other microorganisms. Amelioration of soil salinity by simultaneous application of Anabaena torulosa during crop growth seems to be an attractive possibility for reclamation, especially since it can also supplement the nitrogen requirement of the crops growing on these soils.

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