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And in this day and age, if you wanted to get rid of all traces of your ex you wouldn’t have to do that much. pmd 40 27/02/2006, 14:31 HOW TO GET OVER A BREAK-UP PAPERLESS LOVE There’s nothing to burn No paper to blaze a trail All I need to do is press delete To wipe out your texts and emails Your virtual flowers Your virtual love To erase you is not so hard Your face from my screen saver And my camera’s memory card Write my last message To ask if it’s really the end Left click, and send. pmd 42 27/02/2006, 14:31 HOW TO GET OVER A BREAK-UP The correct reaction: “Ha ha ha.

In which case…you’re better off without them. And the next time won’t necessarily turn out the same. e. you)? pmd 57 27/02/2006, 14:31 HOW TO GET OVER A BREAK-UP If anyone else tells you, “Everything happens for a reason… When one door closes another one opens,” etc. etc. you’re entitled to scream. Shove that self-help manual down their throats to shut them up. Clichéd phrases are flowing faster than the booze you’ve bought to drown your sorrows, and although you know that your friends are only trying to cheer you up, they’re not succeeding.

Pmd 42 27/02/2006, 14:31 HOW TO GET OVER A BREAK-UP The correct reaction: “Ha ha ha. Ho ho ho. Hee hee hee. You’re pulling my leg. m. ” Some people do manage to remain just good friends. Some people also overcome the odds of 92 million to one, and win the lottery. Hey! It could be you! pmd 43 27/02/2006, 14:31 HOW TO GET OVER A BREAK-UP JUST GOOD FRIENDS Do friends do this? Do friends feel a shiver of regret when they kiss hello And studiously avoid the lips? Do friends say it will all be the same In fact, maybe better, but then never call again?

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