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By Miguel Asin Palacios

A research of the effect of Islam on Dante's "Divine Comedy".

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Norman expeditions and conquest of Sicily. The Sicilian court under the Norman dynasty a centre of Moslem culture 3. Contact in Spain. The Mozarabs ; the slaves ; the Jews ; other intermediaries 4. The Mudejars and the court of Toledo. Archbishop Raymond’s School of Translators 5. The court of Alphonso the Wise and inter-denominational colleges of Murcia and Seville the III. TRANSMISSION OF THE MOSLEM LEGENDS ON THE AFTER-LIFE TO CHRISTIAN EUROPE AND DANTE : 1. Probability of their transmission through any of the channels mentioned 2.

Early Moslem counterparts of these legends 3. Hypothesis of the influence of the Moslem cycle upon the Christian cycle 4. Moslem episodes in the Legend of St. Brandan, such as the table spread with food ; the island-whale ; the angel birds ; the enormous vines ; the crystal column ; the torment of Judas ; the sea-hermit ; the isle of paradise 5. Conclusion, affirming the Oriental character of the Legend of St. Brandan 6. Islamic features of other Christian tales of voyages VIII. LEGENDS OF SLEEPERS : 39 1.

The Moslem paradise susceptible of comparison with that of Dante 4. The general scheme of the Paradiso and its precedents in Islam 5. Dante’s conception of the abode of glory 6. Islamic precedents for that conception 34 IX. THE CELESTIAL PARADISE OF ISLAM IN THE DIVINE COMEDY (Conclusion) : 1. The architecture of paradise, according to Ibn Arabi 2. His geometrical design of paradise is identical with the plan of the mystic rose, as traced by the Dantists 3. Dante and Ibn Arabi use the same similes in describing paradise 4.

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