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By John H. Cable and Jocelyn S. Davis in conjunction with the Federal Facilities Council Ad Hoc, Committee on Performance Indicators for Federal Real Property Asset Management, National Research Council

Greater than 30 federal departments and organizations with a variety of missions and courses deal with huge inventories of amenities, also known as portfolios. those portfolios differ size-wise from a number of hundred to greater than one hundred thousand person buildings, structures, and their helping infrastructure. they're varied when it comes to facility varieties, mixture of kinds, and geographic dispersal. For federal senior executives, amenities portfolio-related judgements revolve round the allocation of assets (staff, investment, time) for acquisition, maintenance, operation, fix, and disposition of amenities. To make expert judgements, senior executives require details that may let them solution such questions as: What amenities can we have? What are they in? What amenities are had to aid the organization's missions? This research lays out a framework for constructing and comparing traits in amenities portfolio stipulations, investments, and prices and identifies a suite of key signs that may be used to trace functionality over the years. the various signs are at the moment in use in a few federal firms; others might want to be constructed.

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This is very different from the geographic distribution of the facilities portfolios of most Federal agencies. As noted in Chapter 2, the geographic distribution of facilities has implications for how they are managed. However, some of the facilities indicators developed for the SAM could be adopted or adapted for federal agency use without adopting the entire model. The four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard as applied in SAM are described below. ) The financial perspective reflects the organization’s performance in ensuring its financial integrity and demonstrates stewardship responsibility for capital and financial resources associated with the operation and preservation of facilities.

It would not include large amounts of space excess to the mission or large numbers of facilities in such a deteriorated condition that mission achievement is hindered. Indicators that would be useful in characterizing the level of alignment with mission include surplus space (AUI) and condition. Levels of investment are important in that facilities require funding to support routine maintenance and repair to operate efficiently and cost effectively, and to perform for the duration of their projected useful life.

Another might be to determine how financial benefits are derived from improvements in employee safety, absenteeism, and turnover (italics added). 2). The internal process perspective addresses the key aspects of improving the organization’s processes for delivering primary services, including services for operations and maintenance, energy and utilities, and planning, design, and construction. Examples of processes supporting these might include handling of work orders, procurement, billing, and relationships with suppliers.

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