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By David Jasper, Colin Crowder

The primary issues of this choice of essays are the secret of time earlier, current and destiny, and the matter of redemption. they're excited by glossy literature, with the specter of meaninglessness within the postmodern situation, and with the potential for salvation. In an age of deferral and distinction, this e-book addresses itself to eschatology and apocalypse, and redemption in, via, yet fairly of, time itself. Hell and insanity are by no means distant, but the refiguration of time and the breaking in of the transcendent proceed to indicate theological chances past the wastelands of the 20 th century. to these percentages we glance in hope.

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They shine from your touch. They are my atonement with you' (pp. 57-8). This culminates the recasting of the biblical throughout: the sovereign future tense of the promise to Peter (Matt. 16:18) becomes the a-historical present of a life that has renounced the messianic; 'his face shone unconsciously' recalls the Moses of Exodus 34:29 (and possibly the Pauline exegesis of it in 2 Corinthians 3:7-18) but telescopes it into the quite unbiblical imagery of the inner sun. In itself this passage sways dangerously on the edge of the laughable ('He crouched to her, and he felt the blaze of his manhood and his power rise up in his loins, magnificent.

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