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By Martin Luther, James Atkinson

This quantity offers, with introductions and explanatory notes, translations of four of Luther's most vital early theological writings: statement at the Epistle to the Hebrews, Disputation opposed to Scholastic Theology, The Heidelberg Disputation, and the answer to Latomus. the aim of the choice is to teach the younger Luther at paintings in these very important, early life among 1517 and 1521, and to make on hand to English readers consultant goods of Luther's theological output from these years, except the commonly identified Theses of 1517 and the Reformation Treatises of 1520.

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Angelos, messenger. 2 Johannes Reuchlin (1455-1522) the distinguished Hebraist. Note how Luther looks up the Hebrew text in Old Testament quotations, here and elsewhere. " 1:8. Thy throne, O God, is an everlasting throne It is common knowledge that the Greek word for throne thronos is the same as the Latin sedes. 5' As we find in Isa. " And also in Ps. 19:4: "He set up a tabernacle for the sun among them," as it says in the Hebrew 1 . Or again, in Ps. " In other words, Judah was consecrated to priesthood for God, and Israel to lordship and kingship.

53:6). 1:5. Did God ever say to one of the angels, Thou art my Son, I have begotten thee this day? The words "I have begotten thee this day" may be understood as referring either to the human or to the divine generation of Christ. 2 Yet it could be taken not inappropriately as referring to the human generation of Christ for the following three reasons. " On the contrary, it is understood as having taken place before time began, as it says in Ps. " Or, as other Hebraists expound it, The Son's generation or name was known before the sun.

The reason for this is that those who want to grasp the truth of these matters need a faith as tough as oak. For nothing is more unlike a throne, especially God's throne, than the people of Christ, if we have regard to the outward appearance. For these people look like no kingdom, but rather like a people in exile; a people not living but always a-dying; a people not in glory but in shame; a people living not in wealth but in the direst poverty. And just exactly the same, whoever wishes to be a partaker in this kingdom, must experience the same ignominies and sufferings in his own person.

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