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If something goes wrong, it's my fault. I'm too picky. My expectations are unreasonable. M PC C1 C2 C3 40 CHAPTER FOUR P M PC C1 C2 C3 I'm a hopeless case. I should be able to fix anything. I'm not coordinated. No one cares if I'm hurting. Everyone is tired of dealing with my problems. Life is a serious business. If I tried harder and were better I could make the world better for others. There's no chance of happiness for me in family relationships. Only when I die will the pain stop. This may have been a disturbing exercise, if several of the above apply to your parents, to you, to other caretakers of your children, or to your own children.

WHY BECOME INVOLVED? 11 CHAPTER TWO Context: An Historical Perspective Only on the basis of an understanding of our behavior can we hope to control it in such a way as to ensure the survival of the human race. J. " It made sense to me, both globally and individually. Here we will briefly trace societal history to understand the context for many of our familial struggles and in later chapters we will explore our own personal his tory in order to better understand how our past affects our present.

3. If you did not connect your own or your children's feelings and behaviors to events in your life before, what is your response to 42 CHAPTER FOUR considering that they may have been generated by early traumatic events or painful situations that happened to you? 4. What are your feelings toward the child you were who struggled through a childhood that perhaps should have been less hurtful, safer, and more joyous? 5. What are your feelings toward your children, who had to struggle through their own difficulties?

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