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Angue contained in 2. 3. 4. I The The The 1 of pounds of 11 200 per cent air) is each of the above minerals and of the short ton of ore. cubic feet of oxygen required by the equation in roasting 1 ton of ore. cubic feet of air actually supplied, per ton of ore. total weight of Fe 2 O 3 and the total volume of SO 2 produced in roasting ton of ore. Aluminum is produced by electrolytic decomposition of Al 2 Oj, using a carbon The oxygen set free when the A1 2 O 8 is decomposed combines with carbon the anode.

Per kilogram of coal, the cubic meters of air supplied. result of requirement 1 and also by the direct volume method. 3. Per pound of coal, the cubic feet of air supplied. 4. Per kilogram of coal, the total weight of the products of combustion. METALLURGICAL PROBLEMS 36 5. Per kilogram of coal, the total cubic meters of products of combustion. the direct volume method. 6. Per pound of coal, the cubic feet of products of combustion. 12. , assumed dry. is 15C. and barometric to 2 per cent of the weight of the charcoal.

Calculation of heating value of fuels from the analysis is very useful in practice; the values so obtained are found to check closely for most with the values determined by calorimeter. fuels within 1 or 2 per cent Let it be required to figure the calorific power of 1 kg. of the coal given in Example 3. 3. 9; The heat produced by 1 kg. of are the carbon, hydrogen, and sulphur. carbon is usually taken as 8,100 Cal. This value is somewhat uncertain, The best determination of since it varies for different forms of carbon.

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