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By John D. Caputo, James L. Marsh

The creation through Merold Westphal units the scene: books, visions of philosophy, acquaintances and infrequently colleagues.... Modernity and Its Discontents is a debate among Caputo and Marsh during which each one upheld their opposing philosphical positions through severe modernism and post-modernism. The booklet opens with a critique of every debater of the other's past paintings. With its passionate point-counterpoint shape, the e-book recollects the philosphical dialogues of classical instances, however the writing kind is still lucid and uncluttered. Taking the failure of Englightenment beliefs as their universal flooring, the debaters problem each one other's rules at the nature of post-foundationalist critique. on the middle of the argument lies the well timed query of the position that every individual can play in making a really humane society.

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39 HEIDEGGER, HABERMAS AND THE MOBILE PHONE The question, then, is: what is happening to certain important words, images and ideas? Something very different from what would have happened under the influence of the philosophers. Habermas in particular provides a graphic contrast with the idea of communication as the exchanging of messages. From his perspective, there are some critical ingredients missing. The most important is ‘understanding’. 13 The use of ‘in language’ in this sentence draws attention to another basic idea about communication.

You have the desire-seeking individual making contact with the massive system in order to attain the desired fulfilment. In turn, the system behaves as if it were a fellow human agent, except that it is altogether more efficient and ‘intelligent’: Imagine walking into Bloomingdale’s and simply saying, ‘I’ll buy this, thank you,’ to which a voice responds, ‘That will be $220. ’ The machine says, ‘Thank you, have a nice day,’ and you walk out the door with your purchase. New York Times, 2 March 2000 The key phrase is ‘a voice responds’.

Now the same ‘m’ will stand for mobile and for money. Ultimately it is money which is destined to be mobilised in the coming century. It may turn out that the mobilisation of talk, of communication, of information, is only a stage on the way to the bigger mobilisation. The speeding up of exchange is going to be the ruling metaphor in the world of finance, making a: Promise to turn your cell phone or handheld organizer into an electronic wallet. ] New York Times, 2 March 2000 There is a sense of magic, transfiguration, metamorphosis.

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