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By Lois Sinaiko Webb

Whereas the literary international is stuffed with overseas cookbooks, in addition to cookbooks for kids, none mix either positive aspects as does Multicultural Cookbook of Life-Cycle Celebrations. Webb covers the celebrations and the recipes that take anyone from cradle to grave. prepared by means of zone and state, the newest multicultural cookbook is a perfect source for all periods that use culinary customs to strengthen curriculums, proposing greater than 250 genuine recipes, it contains attention-grabbing introductions approximately each one occasion.

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COMING OF A G E The mohel, a person trained to perform the circumcision, does so for male infants of all Orthodox and some Conservative and Reform parents. Followed by appropriate blessings and prayers, the mohel completes the procedure with the skill of a fine surgeon. The baby is then comforted in the arms of its mother while the family and a few close friends invited for the ceremony adjourn to another room for a light repast. Many Conservative and Reform Jews prefer to have a doctor perform the circumcision at the hospital before the newborn is taken home.

Immediately following the ceremony, some Jewish couples perform a traditional ritual known asyichud (union). The couple goes into a private room where they briefly eat some food together, usually chicken broth. HOUSEWARMING Chanukat habayit is the celebration for the family in their new home. It is a housewarming or a " d e d i c a t i o n of t h e h o m e . " A mezuzah, a case containing small scrolls in Hebrew with two extracts from Deuteronomy (in the Old Testament), is fixed to the top right-hand side of the front door and each door inside the house.

Over a hundred varieties of herring have been found. It is eaten fresh, pickled, XXX • GLOSSARY OF FOOD TERMS smoked, and salted and is very popular in Scandinavian and Eastern European countries. hominy: Dried white or yellow corn kernels from which the hull and germ have been removed. Hominy is sold canned, ready-to-eat, or dried (which must be soaked in water before using). Hominy grits, or simply grits, come in three grinds—fine, medium, and coarse. They are generally available at supermarkets.

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