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By L. J. Carpentier

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Read Online or Download New Developments in Phosphate Fertilizer Technology. Proceedings of the 1976 Technical Conference of ISMA Ltd., The Hague, The Netherlands, 13–16 September, 1976 PDF

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Lime : between 2 and 5 k g . - Thermal e n e r g y : b e t w e e n 380 and 450 - E l e c t r i c i t y : between 43 a n d 47 k w h s . - Manpower therms. : 2 men p e r u n i t . T. s p e c i f i c surface - Mixing to saturation - S e t t i n g time : about 9 m / g : a b o u t 160g o f p l a s t e r t o lOOg o f w a t e r . 8 i n s t a n d a r d c o n d i t i o n s ( S t a n d a r d AFNOR Β 12401) : • - limit of fluidity - : : 3000 t o 3500 cm^/g ·' additive, characteristics resistances i t i s p o s s i b l e t o modify these limits.

O. Box 5 8 , Vlaardingen (The Netherlands) INTRODUCTION In practically every country nowadays, environmental matters no longer belong to the side-issues of the fertilizer business, but have become topics of primary importance. For Windmill Holland this has been the case for a long time and has been brought about to a great extent by the geographic in 1920, special situation of the site. When the company was founded the works was situated some distance from the town of Vlaardingen, but since then the town has grown to such an extent that nowadays the Windmill site lies within the builtup area.

N^ i s d e f i n e d by where^ denotes efficior-cy. Rearrangement o f these formulas gives: log I n ( ^ ^ - ) = logö6+ l o g P^ A l o g a r i t h m i c p l o t o f I n (•• ] ^ ) v s . P. w i l l t h u s g i v e a s t r a i g h t l i n e . This equation i s applicabl¿ ~ ^ f o r a l l types o f i n e r t i a l collection equipment. A l l data o b t a i n e d from t h e p i l o t p l a n t t e s t s were c o r r e l a t e d by t h i s r e l a t i o n s h i p . PILOT TESTS T h e t e s t u n i t s w e r e mounted o n t h e t o p p l a n e o f t h e c o n c e n t r a t i n g u n i t a t t h e same l e v e l a s t h e gas d u c t t o t h e s t a c k .

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