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Attrition This is loss of tooth substance as a result of tooth-to-tooth contact (Fig. 3). It may be physiological or pathological in origin, although clinically the distinction is often unclear. The pattern of tooth loss in physiological attrition is fairly constant: the incisal edges of the incisors are worn first, followed by the occlusal surfaces of the molars, the palatal cusps of the maxillary teeth , and the buccal cusps of the mandibular teeth. When the dentine becomes exposed it generally becomes discoloured brown.

Inter11C1tiona! ]011nlC!! rif PaediC1tric Dentistry, 12, 2-7. , and Kashket, S. (2000). Food srarches and dental caries. Critiw! Reviews rif Ore!! Biology C1nd Medicine, 11, 366-80. , and Kent, R. (1994). ]otmlC!! of De11tC1! rch 73, 1727-34. Other disorders of teeth Disorders of eruption and shedding of teeth Premature eruption, natal, and neonatal teeth Teerh erupred ar birrh (naral reerh) or which erupr wirhin rhe firsr 30 days of life (neonaral reerh) are uncommon, occurring in abour 1 in 3000 live birrhs in mosr reporred series.

Men generally show more severe attrition than women. The abrasive property of food is important in determining the race of physiological attrition. Pathological attrition may result from: (1) abnormal occlusion - either developmental or following extractions; (2) bruxism and habits such as robacco and betel chewing; (3) abnormal tooth structure, for example amelogenesis imperfecca, dentinogenesis imperfecca. Exposure of dentinal tubules by attrition leads to the formation of reactionary dentine on the pulpal surface which protects the rooth against pulp exposure, and to the formation of translucent zones and dead tracts.

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