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By Clifford D. Simak

Coming from the long run, our kid's youngsters walked via holes within the air. The holes have been time tunnels and down them have been fleeing our after-generations, escaping from an invasion of clever but murderously savage extraterrestrial beings. From the writer of "Ring round the Sun".

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OK," said Wilson, "but that isn't all of it. There'll be other questions. Have we consulted with other nations? How about the UN? " "You could say, perhaps," said Williams, "that we have contacted other governments. " "Steve," said the President, "you'll have to try to hold them off. We've got to get our feet under us. " 14 By Molly Kimball WASHINGTON (Global News) - The people who are coming from the tunnels are refugees from time. This was confirmed late today by Maynard Gale, one of the refugees.

Christ, I never saw so many people. It would be easier if we could get some of the sightseers out of the area, and we're doing what we can, but it's hard to get them untangled and they don't want to leave and we haven't got the manpower to do a job of it. We've closed off all civilian traffic to the area and the radio has been asking people not to come out here, but they still are coming or are trying to come and the roads are clogged. I hate to think of what it will be like once it gets dark. " "They're on their way," said Burns.

But we think we have an answer fairly well worked out. Our physicists and other scientists have developed, at least theoretically, a means of communication through a time tunnel. We hope to be able to send through an advance party that can explore the situation and then report back to us. "One thing I have not explained is that, as we have it developed now, our time travel capability is in one direction only. We can go into the past; we cannot move futureward. So, if any advance party is sent back and finds the situation untenable, they have no recourse other than to stay there.

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