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Nuclear physics investigates the houses and behaviour of the vital element, or nucleus, of the atom. This department of physics had might be the largest influence at the international within the twentieth century since it developed into the data used to construct the main harmful guns humans have ever identified. The atomic bombs that ended global warfare II, and the guns race that undefined, replaced the process historical past. yet functions of nuclear physics have additionally supplied huge, immense power for priceless reasons, producing approximately sixteen percentage of the world's electrical energy. "Particles and the Universe" files how smooth physics shaped and the way it keeps to conform. every one bankruptcy of this ebook delves into the observations, theories, and assessments of a specific subject, together with nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, particle physics, relativity, and cosmology.

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This facility, which sits in the middle of the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, suffered a partial meltdown when a water-circulating pump failed. The loss of cooling water caused the core to overheat, even though the reac- Nuclear Physics: Radioactivity, Weapons, and Reactors 23 tor was shut down with control rods, because radioactivity created by the previous fission events continued to emit energy. A tiny amount of radioactivity escaped, although not enough to have a harmful effect. But it did cause some frightening moments for people in the immediate vicinity, including the residents of Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania.

But for astronomical bodies the process does not involve splitting atoms but rather joining them. Stars are powered by fusion. 3 percent of the mass of hydrogen isotopes is converted into energy when they fuse and become a slightly lighter helium nucleus. Einstein’s equation, E = mc², still applies, so this makes plenty of energy and quite a bang when placed in a bomb. Because of electrical repulsion, the only way to get protons and positively charged nuclei to come together is to heat them to tremendously high temperatures.

Planets, unlike electrons, do not seem to be limited to certain discrete orbits, since planets can be found in any orbit. Cars, footballs, and Frisbees are also apparently unlimited by the discrete nature of energy and can go at any velocity at all. The reason this seems to be true, though, is that the basic unit of energy is so small that it only becomes noticeable on the scale of atoms and the electromagnetic radiation that they emit. According to theory, the energy of planets and cars also comes in discrete bundles, but because the unit is so small, it is not measurable at this large scale.

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