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By Christian Bök

'Pataphysics, the pseudoscience imagined through Alfred Jarry, has thus far, as a result of its educational frivolity and airtight perversity, attracted little or no scholarly or severe inquiry, and but it has encouraged a century of experimentation. Tracing where of 'pataphysics within the dating among technological know-how and poetry, Christian Bök exhibits it truly is primary to the character of the postmodern, and considers the paintings of Alfred Jarry and its impact on others.

A lengthy past due severe examine an important pressure of the twentieth-century avant-garde, 'Pataphysics: The Poetics of Imaginary technology increases vital old, cultural, and theoretical concerns germane to the construction and reception of poetry, the methods we expect approximately, write, and browse it, and the kinds of claims it makes upon our knowing.

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